Every calendar year Aspect Roasters supports the community by donating 10% of its gross sales to a chosen charity or fundraising effort. This year we will be doing just that for Kids Around The World!

Kids Around The World partners with organizations to establish playgrounds in poverty-stricken communities. Their play program restores the opportunity for children to enjoy the kind of play that is key to their physical, emotional, spiritual and cognitive development.

We as a family have had the privilege to participate in 2 playground builds along side Kids Around the World and Better Together Ministries. It was an obvious choice to donate to their cause throughout this next year!

With your help we have been able to help build our second playground in Nicaragua. Aspect Rosters was able to help fund the swing set and other parts of the build as well! 

In partnership with volunteers from all over the U.S., their One Meal program packages and delivers the nutritional requirements undernourished children need for physical and mental development in an effort to break the cycle of poverty. 

Thank you for your continued support!