Every calendar year Aspect Roasters will support the community by donating 10% of its gross sales to a chosen charity or fundraising effort. This year we will be doing just that for the Schenkenberger family. Please read their story below.

On February 5, 2017, Steve Schenkenberger, a San Juan Capistrano, CA, husband and father of 5 young boys (in February they were ages 3 months to 9 years), was riding his mountain bike around 8pm on Niguel and Ridgeway Avenue in Laguna Niguel, when he was struck by a hit-and-run driver.  Steve has sustained injuries throughout the left side of his body, but the most severe are in his brain.  Since the night of his accident, Steve has had several surgeries, and is undergoing intense daily therapy.  His road to recovery will be long and slow, but he continues to improve. Doctors say it will take many years for Steve to be able to work again, if ever.

Prior to the accident, Steve was a real estate agent and the sole provider for the family.  Lori is his main advocate, a full time job. Steve’s incredible wife, Lori, hasn’t left his side since the night of the accident, learning new medical procedures, treatment methods, care management, feeding tube nutrition, medications, and pushing her husband through recovery in hopes he can soon come home to be with his boys.  The Schenkenberger Family has lived in Southern Orange County for 37 years.  Steve is an avid cyclist, surfer, and a truly amazing man. He isn't just a father, husband, son and brother... he's considered by so many to be their trusted source of advice, inspiration, mentorship, honesty, spiritual leadership and true companionship.

In order to help Lori with the financial burden of all the medical bills piling up, and continue to be by her husband’s side, while juggling 5 young boys, Aspect Roasters will donate 10% of every sale directly to the Schenkenberger family.